Norgestimate is a rapidly and completely converted prodrug, mainly of norelgestromin (17ОІ-deacetylnorgestimate or levonorgestrel 3-oxime), but also of levonorgestrel to a lesser extent (~22% of an administered dose) and of levonorgestrel acetate (levonorgestrel 17ОІ-acetate) in very small amounts. Engel J, Kleemann A, Kutscher B, Reichert D (2009). I feel like i have gone back to that person, but now i have the added bonus of being angry and resentful, which were feelings i didnt used to have. However, it is a temporary adjunctive measure. Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if you take the medicines miconazole or fluconazole, used to fight fungus infections. Check with your doctor right away and stop taking your medicine (if directed by your doctor) if you have muscle stiffness, fever, difficult or fast breathing, seizures, fast heartbeat, increased sweating, loss of bladder control, unusually pale skin, or tiredness or weakness.

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