Did you know that ?

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is (Atatürk is not his real name, after he dead Turkish people gave this nickname to him. Atatürk means ”The Father of Turks”) the leader of Turks. He save the country from 6 different countries’ attacks. (If you interested in the history u can search Gallipoli and Çanakkale wars to understand the how important Atatürk is for us) If you visit Turkey you’ll see his pics and sculptures everywhere.

So Atatürk died 10 November 1938 (9:05 am) because of a sickness which called ”cirrhosis”
To remember him, every year in 10 November at 09:05 starts a siren voice and it countinues until 09:06 in every disctricts of Turkey. When people heard this siren, stops everything that what they doing and remember him. This video is recorded last years’ 10 November.

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