Happy Weekend BIers .. πŸ˜‚ Just wanna share some practical tips to Moscow for anyone who will be traveling to Russia. Family travel (5 people), so I share my family’s travel tips on Moscow.
1) World Cup Football Match is now in Russia. If you buy a ticket World Cup (Even the cheapest one), you can enter Russia ❗️WITHOUT A VISA ❗️! Traveling from city to city to train is also FREE. FOR 2017 and 2018 only …
2) For the flights we buy Multiple Cities. ✈️ KL-Moscow (Transit Bangkok) then Coppenhagen- Penang (Transit Bangkok). We used Thai Airways, within RM3000 + only, buy tix 1 month earlier (very last minute) … spacious legroom + best food + 30kg baggage.
3) Moscow is our 1st stop. For Transportation we buy a Troika card, share among 5 people. This is for metro ride
4) If you want to visit all the museums, it will be expensive, so choose those you are really interested in and buy a one day travel card from Russia CityPass.
5) Traveling in Russia, we have to be patient with some language problems. But if we do pre-trip research, all will be fine…
6) Food is nice and not expensive … for example: RM3.50 can get you a Napoleon cake, Prague cake etc, big Slice. If you want to cook yourself, go to the grocery shop , 1000 Rub (RM70) can feed a family (5 people) up to 3 meals. Halal food is usually available in the Kebab store, usually Shashlik (order beef / goat). If it does not interest you, order Shaurma. If you feel insecure, you can eat fish (cheap Salmon here)
7) Travel with 4 family member, you can call a Taxi πŸš• by using app, from the airport to the hostel to the city, a long way, but the fare is RM63-70 only . Cheap if we split the fare among 4-5 right? Some taxi do not want to take 5, ask the taxi driver first. If he does not take you, he will hit the reject ride button in the app and the app will find another taxi for us.
8) If you are traveling solo, use Aeroexpress or bus to get to town.
9) Don’t drink Water from the pipe.
10) Must go to Moscow Ring Road, but x recommend driving because the Moscow road is too wide, lots of lanes, then it is quite dangerous. you Can take Taxi and Guide from Angel-Taxi. their Service is very good.

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Anyway, if there are other questions you can ask.

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