Untuk teman2 BI yg ada rcn ke HK dan suka koleksi mainan, ada tempat yg bisa kuras kantong kita loh.
Semoga belum berubah.


MTR Exit D2, cross the road and walk up argyle street, past the sincere podium to richmond plaza. there’s a ton of stuff, modelling and toys and gashapon, in the richmond plaza so check out all floors including the basement

MTR Exit E2, turn and head back to nathan road. turn left and follow nathan road down. after a bit of a walk you should find the sino centre, which is absolutely massive. there are a number of stores in the basement, and there will be some toy stores on the floors accessible by escalator, so 1-3 i think. as with the place in causeway bay, there are also shops squirreled away on the floors of the commercial building: there are toy stores on the 9th, 10th and 12th foors, very easy to find.

once you’re done with the sino centre, head back out onto nathan road, and continue along the same direction you were before. you will hit dundas street. do not cross. turn left up dundas street and go round the corner to sai yeung choi street south. you will find a shopping centre called the CTMA centre, and the two basement floors and three shopping centre levels are worth checking out, particularly for the awesome displays in the 2nd floor.


MTR exit A3. cross johnston road to tai yuen street, walk up tai yuen street and there are at least 4-5 stores selling toys.

if you come back out to johnston road again, turn right, past the MTR exit you walked out of and up johnston road, you should come to a massive junction. if you go past southorn playground with the basketball courts and football pitch, you’ve gone in the wrong direction. at the junction, you need to cross and follow wan chai road. you’ll find yourself going up a small slope and it should be impossible to miss the famous 188 centre, where some toys are still sold, and the building next door with mcdonalds and delifrance there’s a few places as well.


MTR exit D3, which leads into the japanese department store sogo. the toy floor in sogo is on the 5th or 6th floor, and used to be decent.

once you get back on the ground floor of sogo using the escalators, go out the main doors and up great george street to windsor house. there’s a united models shop on the second floor of windsor and the causeway bay TRU is on the third floor.

when you’re done with windsor house, come out down the escalator, back on to great george street. turn right, and go up to the corner of windsor house, round the back of windsor house. there’s a street called sugar street. in the causeway bay centre, there’s a few toy stores in the basement, one of which does disney stuff and has some star wars stuff in it. on the 1st floor, there’s a model/gashapon shop and metrocomics is there. on the 2nd floor is clark’s comics, clark’s collectibles, and sandwiched in between is a small toy store run by a guy called leo. if you speak to leo, tell him i sent you and he should give you decent prices.

after you come out of the causeway bay centre, continue down sugar street. there should be a newspaper vendor stand outside a commercial building. go into the commercial building. on the 16th floor is a massive toys outlet doing all sorts of toys, including star wars stuff, and it’s an absolutely unknown hidey hole unless you are serious about collecting

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