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Lampung is a province of Indonesia It is located on the southern tip of the island of Sumatra. Lampung has many beautiful beaches such as tanjung setia beach ( the heaven for surving ) and also waykambas ( the biggest conservation of elephant in southeast asia ) also if you know krakatau mountain its located in lampung

We present you : Widyawiyata with Unila II !

Widyawiyata with Unila II is project that focus on education for children who lived at the coast and traine will do the sharing session with students,motivate and also teaching english and make them brave to speak english.

The project start : 15 January 2018- 27 February 2018

What we provided ?
1 Welcoming Party
2 Arrival Pickup
3 Hostfamily or room sharing
4 Ep Buddy
5 Farewell party

Check our booklet here : http://aiesec.or.id/wtrunila

This is our expa link : https://experience.aiesec.org/#/opportunities/864157

We look forward to have you ! Take this project or you will missed out!

Contact :
Ratih Dinar Pratiwi
VP of ICX OP AIESEC in UNILA 2017/2018
Whatsapp : +6282175405524
Email : [email protected]

Rainy Altinci Tockary
Manager matching of ICX OP 2017/2018
[email protected]

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